11-5-11 (All you need is love)

I think its absolutely crazy when people say that they do not believe in love or true love. Sometimes I think it is only people who have not experienced it for themselves, like melodramatic teenagers, but there really are a lot of people out there who do not believe in it. I am one who has been bitten by the love bug, but that is not the sole reason why I would like to disagree with all the anti-love people out there. Call me a crazy romantic but I think that love really is one of the biggest driving forces in why people do the things that they do. People get themselves killed for love, they risk everything they have just for that person; that one person who just completes you. I never believed in soul mates before but man oh man I feel like he was made for me. I am not saying that I have the perfect relationship, but its damn good. We fight, but that's okay because sometimes we need to tell each other whats what that's just how life is. When you feel like someone is made for you, you really do start to believe in soul mates and that one person for you. I do not even know to explain the way I feel so comfortable around him, I can say anything and it will be okay. I do not have to hold back and not act silly or crazy. We understand each others faults and work with them because that's what love is, standing with someone through everything. It has been close to two years with this boy of mine, and it feels great. Im only nineteen but I think when you know you know. I have never dreamed of getting married and having kids like i do now. Besides my relationship though love is just everywhere. When I traveled to the the Domincan Republic and we built those houses for those wonderful people I could feel there love for what we were doing for them and I feel in love with those people and that place. Also when a couple comes through my line at work and the man makes a joke about his wife and they laugh about it and then say we've been together for sixty years and walk about out of the store holding hands makes me hopeful for what my future holds. Love can even bring sadness though, I had an older man walk through my line and tell me that his wife passed away with tears in his eyes and I could feel the love that he had for her. When you love someone it never goes away. Love is the greatest thing I have ever experienced and it definitely exsists.

courtneys fabulous trip the la republica dominica :)

I cant believe i havent wrote about this trip!!! SO here goes this trip actually occured in july and was the best experience in my life. It was a mission trip and our time was spent building houses. I will recap my trip but its so hard to express all my emotions associated with it. Well first off we drove five hours to detroit to get on a plane to ft lauderdale and then finally to the dominican republic and let me tell you we got there at about 3 in the morning and got to the airport earlier that day at about 3 so it was a VERY long day. So we meet the people in charge of the mission at the airport and right when we pulled out we got a flat tire haha so after thats fixed we still had another two hours to the village we were staying at and i was terrifed so so so terrified the roads were all dirt and some just wide enough for the van if we were off by an inch we would have fell in a ditch. So we get there at around 5 and have to be up at 9 to work and that was "sleeping in" the other days we were up at 7 but it wasnt bad. That night was just a whirlwind of fear pulling up to a place with no electricity and spiders bigger than your hands and finding a place to sleep wasnt the best experience but waking up and walking out the door and seeing the beautiful landscape was well worth it. Then came meeting all the people, oh how wonderful they were, the friendliest most thankful grateful people i have ever met. We built everyday except two and we worked alongside these people and i fell in love with each and every one of them (im going back in july 2012 btw) its just so hard for me to express how these people changed me they helped me more than i helped them. i think ill leave a video on here about the mission and then if you have questions then ask me bc i just cant put it all into words.


oh gawd haha

jeeeeeezy petes its been since july 2nd since i have wrote anything?! ive come to the sad realization that i have been straying far away from all the things that I love. i havent read or wrote or even played my trumpet in months and its sad. I started college and this quarter has really gotten me down. i was majoring in pre-dentistry for all the wrong reasons, to make good money but i hate these chemistry bio and math classes. so im switching my major to education, highschool english so i can finally get back to what I love. However i still have a month of this quarter left, and two exams this week which i am completely avioding studying for right now. i just realized i havent even wrote about my dominican republic trip on here. well thaty deserves its own special post.

July 2, 2011

Im thinking and thinking and thinking but my thinking isnt getting me anywhere, and why is that? Why can I think for things to happen but they not happen. If i think that I want my body to shed some pounds then why can it not listen? I mean if my mind tells my body to move for my fingers to type for me to walk everything like then why can I not tell it to stop storing fat or to idk what else is there to not produce acne on my face something like that. I know I know all that involuntary things that go on in the body digestion etc. but idk its like thoughts are not really part of the body but then that makes no sense because thoughts are made by the body so shouldnt they be a part of the body? So then what are thoughts if they dont really control the body they arent a THING they arent anything! They mean nothing thoughts are nothing idk what im saying really except really all this stuff goes on in brains in everyones brains thoughts and thoughts everywhere but really they arent everywhere because they arent something you see or can grasp they are nothing. You can not touch something you think, you cant you cant you cant. Right now my brain feels on the verge of exploding with thoughts but WAIT! thoughts are not anything. jesus H christ.

February 2, 2011

I actually had to go to school normal time today, rough day haha. But i had almost no gas driving from the school to the college to home and i was scared i would break down on the side of the road. but im fine lol. i took a two a half hour nap today accidently. i got to see my wonderful boyfriend today at college :D

February 1, 2011

I did get that snow day I was hoping for! and even the university was closed :) I never get full snowdays because the university never closes. I did not get any work accomplised on this snow day like i should have. I did just finish reading the book thief and it was awesome!!! one of the best books i have ever read. i have a feeling i wont have school tommorrow either so hopefully i can get some work done.

January 31, 2011


I'm going to write about my day everyday starting now! I promise!!!!!!!!

But anyways today was just a typical monday I woke up pretty drowsy and not wanting to go to school but i braved through it and eventually made my way to the highschool for chemistry but we did nothing in that class. Then i drove over to the college for math class, I slept through the first hour and then read some of my public speaking stuff, which reminds me im still not done with that...I have lots of scholarships essays to do and I dont want to! Im reading a really great book right now called the book theif i suggest you all read  it's AMAZING! I got to see donnie at the college today and he so kindly walked me out to my car in the freezing cold haha, such a nice boyfriend. Which reminds me we have some giant storm coming our way so i will cross my fingers for a snow day, but that doesnt mean that my public speaking class will be cancelled at the college. A couple days ago i recieved a donation of 1000 dollars in the mail for my trip to the dominican republic to build houses which means i only need 300 more :) I cant wait to graduate and go down there!

December 23, 2010

um a short story...

Arthur Eugene Coletrain Magmus the II


Arthur Eugene Coletrain Magmus the II may seem like any normal middle aged guy. Besides his irregular name, Arthur enjoys and does the same things any normal human being does. He enjoys walks on the beach with his dog, and he gets by doing the bare minimum at his mediocre job. When he isn’t spending time with his dog, whom he calls Fancy, he sits in his house just passing the time with normal human activity…or so it seems.

To his co workers and family Arthur seems like any other guy, they always feel bad for him though because of his lack of a love life. But little did they know that Arthur had a flourishing relationship with a beautiful woman that is out of this world, and I mean literally.

The thing about Arthur is that he doesn’t really sit in his house and just pass the time, he is actually exploring the universe. Universe exploration was always his favorite past time, but for fear of being put in a mental institution he just kept it to himself. If someone was to watch Arthur’s house closely they would see that at precisely 5 o’ clock every evening a space ship launches from his backyard. But no one is actually interested in this boring man’s life so no one notices the commotion.

Once Arthur launches from his backyard he always feels like a new man, escaping his ordinary life and branching out into the extraordinary universe to face new adventures along side his favorite companion Fancy. Fancy unlike other dogs can talk, and is actually very intelligent. However, Fancy and Arthur decided to keep that between the two of them for fear of paparazzi knocking at their door. Normally the two of them just ride through the universe talking about their lives and aspirations, which is normally followed by a trip to Arthur’s girlfriend’s planet. (Who also has a pretty smoking hot dog that Fancy is conveniently in love with.)

On the particular night of May 17th things happened to turn out a little differently than planned. Arthur and Fancy stopped at his girlfriends house like always. But his girlfriend, Fiona, was being particularly difficult. Making Arthur make difficult decisions.

“Arthur, I would really like to go to earth.” Fiona nagged.

“I can’t take you to earth for the last time Fiona, don’t you understand? You are just….different” Arthur tried to explain calmly.

“What do you mean different?!! You’re a jerk! I don’t think I can keep on dating you under these circumstances.”

Well since Arthur had no intention of ever not being with Fiona he complied with her wish and brought her to earth. Which is when everything started to go horribly wrong.

The next morning Fiona insisted on taking a walk around the planet earth. So they went on a walk and began getting really weird looks from everyone, and eventually the cops were called. Arthur was then arrested, while Fancy had to be put in a pound with other very stupid dogs that did not even begin to compete with Fancy’s brain capacity. Arthur was feeling really down in the dumps, he really hated jail life. Fiona on the other hand was in a battered women shelter, which she actually really enjoyed and entirely forgot about that earthling she has once been so fond of.

Eventually there was a trail held and Arthur was found guilty of domestic violence, but instead of being put back in jail he was sent to a mental facility. Because throughout the whole entire trial he told everyone that his girlfriend was from a different planet where it was normal to look bruised and burned. Arthur’s coworkers and family members were shocked! Arthur was nothing but a mediocre middle aged man, and now he was the subject of all the office gossip. Now Arthur sits in his white walled room missing Fiona. His visions of his beautiful lady are blurred though because of all the pills he has to take. Arthur will be living in the mental facility for a long time to come, and Fiona, well, she is enjoying life on earth.

November 28, 2010

I feel like I have been writng less and less. It seems as though my mind is not wanting to think of stuff to write about, even now I have no idea where I am going with this entry. I just got done writing an essay for the college that I really want to accepted into and that was my first burst of creative energy I have experienced in a while. If only I could turn on my creative streaks with a switch, I hardly have anything running through my mind anymore that interets me enough to write down or talk about my veiws on. People of live journal would you mind giving me a few ideas? haha. I need them bad.